For companies that have attended the Show for the last 3 consecutive years, the fee for a 4 x 4 metre single stand will remain at Euro 2900 + 21 % VAT.

For companies that have not attended the Show for the last 3 consecutive years, the fee for a 4 x 4 metre single stand is Euro 3100 + 21 % VAT.

This stand fee includes 100 euros of electricity consumption. Double stands are also available and fees will be charged pro-rata. Requests for triple stands will be put on a waiting list.

The stands are free-standing tented aluminium structures with pagoda roof and white PVC curtains perimeter, carpeted, with spotlights, company signboard and an electrical outlet. They will be aligned along the quay, directly behind the yachts. The reception tent will form the entrance to the entire Show. Please note that although a standard coloured carpet is included in the stand fee, Exhibitors are free to choose the style and colour of the flooring, which will be at their own expense.


Companies and individuals, whose business activity is not yacht charter or management, can only attend the Show as Exhibitors.

Attendance at the Show is subject to the MYBA Charter Show Panel’s final approval.

Companies that have been refused access to YACHTFOLIO are not allowed to hire a stand at the Show.

If demand for stands is very high, the MYBA Charter Shows Panel reserves the right to restrict the number of stands per exhibitor.

It is not permitted for companies to share a stand and Exhibitors cannot market other companies on their stand.

Exhibitors should only be representing the company under which they registered and that was accepted by the Show Organisers .

It is not permitted to present more than one company at the Show.

A business card will be required when picking up Show badges.

Stands must be manned at all times during Show hours by at least one person.

The price per single stand includes 4 NAMED entry passes to the Show and 2 tickets to the MYBA Show Opening Cocktail. Rotation of passes is NOT permitted. N.B. The 4 named passes may only be attributed to employees (Proof of this may be required).

Please note that the Exhibitor fee is non-refundable.

A 1000 EURO break-down deposit (per single stand size) must be paid with each stand registration. It will be refunded at the end of the Show, only if dismantling of the stand has not begun before 17h on Thursday 26 April (please provide precise bank details for the wire transfer refund). Stands must remain manned until that time.

Please note that any additional electricity consumption (above the amount set and included in the Stand fee) will be charged to each Exhibitor and deducted from the deposit.

Please note that the cost of damage to the stand or expenses incurred if the stand is not completely dismantled may be deducted from the break-down deposit. An official tour will be conducted in order to verify the condition of the stands.

Should rubbish be left on a stand, please note that 300 euros will be taken out of the 1000-euro break-down deposit.

Exhibitors attendance cannot be confirmed unless the form and full payment, plus 21% VAT has been received. Stands will not be confirmed and allocated until full payment has been made. Please ensure you provide full invoice details, together with your VAT number, otherwise your registration will not be considered complete.

Stand allocation will be dealt with once all available stands have been taken. The Show Organisers will advise Exhibitors of their stand location as soon as possible.


Technical assistance to Exhibitors

If an exhibitor needs additional equipment (electrical equipment, a special set-up) please send your request to Laura Bianchetti : l.bianchetti@oneoceanportvell.com

All furniture/additional equipment requests will be made directly to the suppliers and must arrive no later than 18:00 GMT March 16, 2018. The Exhibitor will receive a quote directly from the supplier.

Stand Set Up/Breakdown and Show timetable

Stands are available for set up from 9:30 to 18:00 on Sunday April 22 and must be fully set up by 18:00 on the same day. Stands must not be dismantled before 17:00 Thursday 26 April and must remain manned until that time. A 1000-euro deposit will be paid with each (single) stand registration and will be refunded by bank transfer after the end of the Show on condition that the stand was not dismantled before 17:00 on Thursday 26 April or rubbish was not left on the premises, the official stands’ breakdown time, and subject to satisfactory inspection of the stand by the Show organisers.

Badges will need to be picked up at the Registration Desk on the set-up day, Sunday April 22 between 9:30 and 17:00.

The Exhibition area will be open from 10.00 to 18:30 from Monday to Wednesday; and from 10.00 to 17:00 on Thursday.

Yacht Viewing will be open from 10.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Wednesday, and from 10.00 to 17:00 on Thursday. It will be interrupted Monday to Thursday from 13.30 to 15.00 for Brokers’ onboard lunches and Monday to Wednesday from 18.00 to 18:30 to allow for Captains and Crew visits to the Exhibition area.


Mailing Services

For mailing services please contact Fernanda Burgues: f.burgues@oneoceanportvell.com



For deliveries please contact Jose Tost from DB Schenker: jose.tost@dbschenker.com

DELIVERIES and SUPPLIES TO THE STANDS during the Show must be arranged outside of the Show hours and therefore before 9.30 in the morning and after 19.00 in the evening (until 19:30)


Additional personnel

The registration fee (per single stand) includes passes for up to 4 employees. Additional passes will be charged at Euro 150 + 21% VAT per person up to a maximum of two additional employees per single stand. (Proof of employment may be required).



Terms & Conditions for hosting a party at the stand

Parties at the stand will only be allowed on the sole condition that they end by 19:30 every day of the Show. The Security service will be extended until 19:30 and Show entrances will remain closed to the public. Cooking at the stand will be forbidden if it involves any kind of gas/electricity cooking systems or barbecues, however cooking may be allowed if using electrical induction systems only, however it is not encouraged. On the evenings of official events, parties on stands must finish by 19.00.

All events to be organised during or around the MYBA Charter Show should be submitted to the MYBA Charter Shows Panel for pre-approval or will not be permitted to run.


Stand Insurance

Although we have 24-hour security during the Show dates, we recommend that you contact your insurer for any additional coverage needed for your valuables and equipment if displaying costly goods.



The signboard is included in the exhibition fee. Exhibitors must provide with the official wording for their signboard to Anaïs Saturio: anais.Saturio@deboer.com Please be aware that abbreviations may be used, according to space limitations.


Show website and attending lists

A brief description of the activity of the exhibiting company – maximum 600 characters including spaces – will be required as part of the registration. Upon acceptance of the attendance, the company description will be showing on the Show website .



Advertising space in the official Show publications may be purchased prior to 18:00 GMT March 17, 2017. For more information please contact Lukas Maticka: l.maticka@oneoceanclub.es