The emphasis of the Show is on displaying quality commercially registered yachts, actively for charter, both motor and sail of 20m and over.

Priority will be given to new and totally refitted yachts but all others are very welcome subject to dockage availability.

If the MYBA Charter Show Panel receives complaints as to the condition of a vessel exhibiting during the Show, further references from visiting brokers will be requested and access will not automatically be granted to exhibit in the next year’s Show. The MYBA Charter Show Panel will request evidence and references that the yacht has been improved upon to be at an acceptable level for the industry.


  • For yachts that are not listed on YACHTFOLIO the following should be provided:
    • 3 references from YACHTFOLIO Subscribers who have inspected or chartered the yacht within the past year and are required to supply additional information as indicated below.
    • a Certificate of Appointment (to be completed online and then signed by yacht owner) as proof of their appointment by the owner to market the yacht for charter.
  • For all yachts over 5 years of age, three YACHT CONDITION DECLARATIONS will be required from YACHTFOLIO subscribing Brokers (Retail, Sales or Charter Management) who have personally inspected the yachts or had successful charters within the last 12 months. (NB: only one reference from a broker belonging to the registering company will be accepted).
  • For previously privately registered or refitted yachts that are over 5 years old and which cannot provide three Yacht Condition Declarations the following will be required:
    • Written report from the Central Agent
    • 1 reference from a reputable broker/Central Agent for a visit done in the past 6 months or from a broker who has booked the yacht.


Registrations are only valid when completed in full and cleared funds have been received. These funds will be returned if the registration is unsuccessful or if it is withdrawn prior to confirmation of acceptance.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: All yachts should register by 16th March 2018.



YACHT CERTIFICATE – CALL SIGN – YACHT PHOTO. You are reminded that presentation of the Yacht Certificate, Call Sign and Yacht photo is mandatory for each yacht registered at the Show. The registration will be considered valid and complete only if it contains this documentation, which can be uploaded on the website at the time of the registration.

Please also give particular attention to info on taxes mentioned after the fees tables, further below.

Yacht Registration fees

(to be paid via Show website)


20m – 26m

2200 EUR + 21% VAT


2700 EUR + 21% VAT


3200 EUR + 21% VAT


3700 EUR + 21% VAT


4200 EUR + 21% VAT


4700 EUR + 21% VAT


5200 EUR + 21% VAT


5700 EUR + 21% VAT


6200 EUR + 21% VAT

Passenger (12+ passengers)

10200 EUR + 21% VAT




Please note that any catamarans wishing to participate in the Show should contact Lara Rodriguez: reservations@oneoceanportvell.com

Please note that the yacht registration fee doesn’t include berthing nor utilities.

Once a yacht has been registered online and attendance confirmed, OneOcean Port Vell Reservations Dept will contact the Central Agent for the payment of all the other feesdaily berthing fees, Diving fees, Port Tax, Consignatory Fee and Navigational Aid Duty (if applicable).


DAILY Berthing Fees

(to be paid directly to OneOcen Port Vell)



197 EUR + 21% VAT


238 EUR + 21% VAT


287 EUR + 21% VAT


355 EUR + 21% VAT


433 EUR + 21% VAT


513 EUR + 21% VAT


623 EUR + 21% VAT


775 EUR + 21% VAT


1000 EUR + 21% VAT


1300 EUR + 21% VAT


Length x 2


Please note that in addition to the registration and DAILY berthing fees, payment of Diving Fees, a compulsory port tax and Consignatory Fee will be required. These fees are calculated on LOA so to get a quote, please send an email to Lara Rodriguez: reservations@oneoceanportvell.com

Please note that water/electricity will be invoiced upon departure and will be paid directly to OneOcean Port Vell.

Water: €5.82 per cubic metre + 21% VAT

Power: €0.289 per Kwh + 21% VAT


For environmental reasons it is mandatory for all visiting yachts to connect to shore power and to stop their generators during their stay in the marina.





Diving Fees

180 euros for the minimum 6-day mandatory dockage period.

These fees need to be paid upfront at the same time as the Berthing fees.


Port tax (T5) is paid to the Port Authorities for usage of their waters. The tax begins from when the yacht enters the port and is charged daily until the yacht leaves.

Port tax is calculated by the surface area of the yacht per day (Estimated at 0,0484 €/sqm/day + 21% VAT).


Navigational Aid Duty (T0) is a tax for the usage of navigational markers within the Spanish territory and is applied to sailboats larger than 12 meters and all transiting motor yachts.

Yachts that have already paid the tax elsewhere in Spain during the current year, must provide proof of payment to be exempt from being billed by OOPV.

0,0249 €/sqm/day (no VAT applicable)


Consignatory Fee: Please note that since September 2015, the national port legislation requires all vessels (yachts or commercial vessels alike) with foreign flag of >24m LOA to have an authorized port agent for their calls to national ports. As OneOcean Port Vell is located within a national port, the Port agent will need to be used for liaising with the port authority on behalf of the yacht.” For the list of Ports agents, please contact Lara Rodriguez: reservations@oneoceanportvell.com.



Yachts Arrival and Departure dates

Yachts are expected to arrive prior to the 21st April 2018, and it is important to respect the timeslots given by the marina. A minimum of 6 nights will be charged and the Show daily berthing fees will be applied. Any additional days of dockage, before or after the mandatory 6 days, will be charged separately.

Each yachts’ date and time of arrival will depend on their size and berth location and will be agreed in coordination with OneOcean Port Vell. One additional factor affecting this is the availability of Pilots for yachts >500GT.

Please note that yachts cannot leave before the end of the Show.

For the same reasons that are mentioned above, the yachts’ date and time of departure will also have to be agreed with OneOcean Port Vell.


DELIVERIES, SUPPLIES AND SHIP AGENTS APPOINTMENTS ON/TO THE YACHTS must be arranged outside of the Show hours and therefore before 9.30 in the morning and after 21:00h in the evening; between 18:30h and 21:00h such visitors may only be admitted when accompanied by a crew member from the relevant yacht.


  1. Following registration and receipt of payment all yachts will be placed on a waiting list pending acceptance.
  2. Acceptance will be issued by the Show Organisers as quickly as possible following registration and payment. Every effort will be made to accommodate your yacht in the Show.
  3. Upon written acceptance of a yacht’s entry, the following cancellation policy will apply.



Up to and including 5 April: 50% refund, if berth can be reallocated to another yacht.




Unless, and until, such notice of withdrawal is received, the standard refund policy will apply upon acceptance which can occur at any time.

POLLUTION POLICY: Any yacht deemed to be causing a nuisance amongst other yachts and exhibitors will be asked to leave. The Show reserves the right to exclude yachts whose exhaust causes a problem to others (the yacht fees are not refundable).

SHORE POWER: the yacht’s installation must comply with the local shore power. For any information, please contact Lara Rodriguez: reservations@oneoceanportvell.com.


It is recommended that each yacht provides a proper and up-to-date brochure, a detailed crew profile and a complete list of sports, entertainment and communication equipment.

The Central Agent representing the registered yacht agrees that any MYBA Charter Boat Show Panel decisions made regarding the yacht’s acceptance to the 2018 MYBA Charter Show remain final and definitive.

Central Agents are kindly requested to respect the Show Event schedule for the specific quays when organising events on their managed yachts. Parties onboard during the Show period shall be restricted to officially registered attendees of the MYBA Charter Show only.


Please note:

  • Owners of attending yachts, their family and PAs will come in free of charge (Central Agents are asked to provide the names of the guests and pick up the badges for their guests).
  • The DAILY FEE for Operation Managers, Owners’ Representatives of attending yachts is EURO 200 + 21% VAT. The fee will be reduced to EURO 100 + 21% VAT if the attending yacht is represented by a MYBA Member company.
  • The DAILY FEE for Captains of non-attending yachts, that are listed on YACHTFOLIO, is EURO 200 + 21% VAT and registration should be submitted by the corresponding YACHTFOLIO Central Agent.