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BWABWA Yachting is a worldwide, and world-class, yachting services provider because we truly understand the modern demands placed on yacht owners, captains and crews. BWA Yachting was founded in 2004 to provide a seamless experience for its clients, no matter where in the world they are cruising. We put the needs of our clients first, always maintaining impeccably high standard services.

BWA Yachting delivers effective, trustworthy and innovative yachting solutions. Our clients can rely on a broad range of services that include:
Fresh provisions & supplies | Exclusive excursions | Banking transactions | Travel & transportation | On-board entertainment | Yacht clearances & formalities | Bunkering | Cruising, customs, & immigration procedures | Helicopter & jet rental | Tourism arrangements | Berth reservations | VIP concierge services | Freight handling | Hotel & restaurant reservations | Technical services & support | Itinerary planning | Courier service.

We can help with a single port call or offer a fully tailored package, it all depends on what the client wants. Our custom ERP system, YourBWA, delivers consolidated financial and operational reporting that simplifies business workflows.

BWA Yachting HQ is in Switzerland and we have more than 140 employees working from our corporate offices in these prime yachting destinations: France, Corsica, Monaco, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, New England, Florida & Bahamas, Caribbean, Antigua, Puerto Rico. Our BWA offices cover more than 370 ports and marinas across the globe - in 2016, we managed 6,200 port calls and served 1000 clients.

In 2017 BWA Yachting will be the exclusive operational partner for the 35th America’s Cup Superyacht Program in Bermuda.

For more information, please visit www.bwayachting.com
MB92Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92) is a company fully dedicated to the yacht industry and provides service-refit, repair and maintenance works to more than 100 super yachts per year with a length from 35 up to 200 meters.

Located in the port of Barcelona, a strategic stop-off point for yachts on their journey between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, the company’s installations cover a surface area of 124,000m2 becoming one of the largest super yacht refit facilities in the world.

With 100 permanent employees, and over 900 subcontractors specialized in every naval field, MB92 is trusted by the world’s most prestigious new build shipyards. With the mission to provide excellent results on every project, MB92 is continually investing in their equipment and people.

From December 2015, MB92 is part of Dogus Group Company D-Marin, one of the largest international chain of marinas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
MTNMTN, now part of Global Eagle, has pioneered satellite communications at sea and for more than 35 years has been delivering reliable and secure communications, as well as connectivity and content solutions to remote locations on land, air, and sea.

A dedicated, boutique style brand within a global corporation, MTN tailors connectivity and content technology solutions to the world’s largest superyachts, focusing on the end-user quality of experience. Whether it’s managing the networks onboard, delivering content or live TV, streaming a live conference call, or minimizing satellite latency, MTN’s products are engineered to deliver a flawless experience. MTN’s people are hand selected from the industry and individually trained to address the special demands of its VVIP’s clients around the world.

Owners, guests, captains and crew who need constant connections rely on MTN’s flexible and guaranteed bandwidth, innovative products and services, yacht-dedicated experts providing 24/7/365 customer service and support, and overall on MTN’s redundant satellite and terrestrial network all operated, owned and supported by Global Eagle.

Willis Towers WatsonAs one of the world’s longest established and largest Marine insurance brokers, we offer the experience, ingenuity and unparalleled service that has won and retained the business of some of the world’s most discerning and demanding clients: superyacht owners.

Whether it’s sourcing the best policy for an existing vessel, helping to navigate a claims process, or advising on a custom-build project, our team’s expertise lies in our ability to identify exposures, helping you to minimise costs and risks.

This activity is facilitated by the relationships we have with the global insurance community, enabling us to access appropriate markets for your specific exposures and risk appetite.

And whatever the service, we guarantee never to outsource your business to intermediaries. We are all employed by Willis Towers Watson.

For more information visit www.willis.com/superyachts

FunAirFunAir are well known for innovation, making the highest quality inflatable yacht toys in the superyacht industry.
They have designed each yacht toy to folder tighter and lighter and supply their patented RapidFlate technology to inflate and deflate the fun six times faster than any other inflatable on the market.
Charter guests request yacht slides and climbing walls more than any other inflatable and FunAir have QuickShip options for both products. They fit most mid range superyachts and can be shipped in 24-72 hours globally. This is a favourite option for many charter brokers who need to guarantee the fun on a last minute booking.
Other yacht products currently available for QuickShip include Yacht Golf, Yacht Joust, Personal Watercraft Docks, Water Mats and Stand Up Paddle Boards. With distribution partners in Europe, America, Australia and the East, FunAir can send out the QuickShip products to captains and owners across the globe.

Many charter yachts prefer to showcase a full compliment of customs FunAir products, designed in the yachts colour scheme, and with her name and logo proudly on display. Yacht Slides, Climbing Walls, Sea Pools and Jet Ski Docks are very popular and often ordered with matching kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards and the latest hot product, Yacht Golf. For those of you order Yacht Golf you will also receive a box of Albus Golf Ecobioballs, 100% marine safe golf balls made from fish food!
FunAir have also completely redesigned the new BigAir Yacht Blob. It has stabilising outriggers that stop it turning in the ocean, and an inflatable stand-off that keeps it in place and away from the yacht. Charter guests can jump from the deck straight onto the blob and launch their partners high into the air.
To contact FunAir directly please email yachting@funair.com or call +1 512-593-5133 and they will be happy to meet you during the show.
MYBA The Worldwide Yachting AssociationMYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association is an internationally renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984, whose Members are involved at all levels within the Superyacht Industry. Members of MYBA are widely represented in all fields of brokerage, charter,technical management and construction of large yachts. The Association guides its Members on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and Individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct.

The Superyacht industry has developed and evolved immeasurably over the past two decades. MYBA, which has adopted an increasingly influential and significant role in this industry, works closely with Government Organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, Licensed Marine Underwriters, Insurance Companies and Lawyers. Both the MYBA Charter Agreement and the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement have been developed over the years and provide an industry standard throughout the world.

Membership is available to eligible companies and individuals with a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry. Member companies are required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and meet the strict requirements as outlined in the Statutes.

By working with a MYBA Company, yacht owners and charterers can benefit from the safeguards that have been established and be assured they are represented by experienced professionals. Owners and Charterers should always check they are working with a MYBA Company to ensure they have adequate protection.
Yacht Carbon OffsetYacht Carbon Offset provides a clear, auditable way to counteract the carbon footprint of a vessel’s engines and generators. Tonne for tonne, the yacht’s emissions are offset by equivalent greenhouse gas reductions from projects such as renewable power. Each project depends on the carbon funding, and Yacht Carbon Offset has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification, so clients know that their action makes a real impact on net emissions.

The “pay as you go” service is calculated from the fuel quantities specified, whether the requirement is for a single charter or for the whole season’s cruising. There’s no on-board equipment and no long term obligation for the yacht.

Carbon Offsetting is of interest to clients wishing to take practical steps to minimise environmental impact, especially prominent individuals and those cruising in environmentally sensitive areas. The option can be included on the preference sheet or offered as an option for any charter client prior to arrival or on board.

Whether captain, broker, or central agent, simply tell us the fuel quantity you wish to offset and we will send you a no obligation quote. If you decide to go ahead we will allocate carbon savings equivalent to your carbon emissions and provide you with your Yacht Carbon Offset Certificate and, if you wish, a flag. The total cost is typically less than €200 per 10,000 litres of fuel.

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited is an independent UK company which launched its specialist service in 2008. It regularly works with leading charter yachts including Baton Rouge, Meamina, Mirage and Hyperion.
ZoomTurkey is a beautiful country steeped in rich history and culture. For the increasing number of Superyacht owners and guests that venture there the rewards are unforgettable. However, to truly deliver an experience worthy of Turkey and such discerning visitors you need local networks, specialist knowledge and the experience to make it happen. After fifteen years of working with Superyachts in Turkey, Zoom has proven itself to be the company to deliver the high end experiences the Superyacht industry demands, whilst also providing all the services a Superyacht needs.

At Zoom we live and breathe the idea that anything is possible. For Superyacht guests and owners the bar is set very high and we ensure that every request is carried out diligently and meticulously. The services we offer really are limitless. It is through understanding our guests’ needs, priorities and preferences that we can design and deliver a Turkish experience of unrivalled quality. Zoom is the solution for Superyachts in Turkey.

Please contact us for any questions or enquiries regarding: Guest Experiences, Itineraries, Concierge Services, Logistics, Security, Transport or Clearance, Immigration and Customs.

Peninsula Petroleum

Smallwood's YachtwearSmallwood’s Yachtwear has been servicing the yachting industry around the world since 1981. Starting with a headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida it has expanded to have offices in both Antibes, France and Barcelona, Spain. By maintaining offices in these 3 locations, Smallwood’s is better positioned than anyone to assist yachts wherever their itineraries may take them.

Years of experience have taught us that the best way to help our clients is to provide them with items that are not only comfortable, practical, and fashionable but also consistently available. The yachting industry requires more than the average retail brand can provide and, for this reason, Smallwood’s has continually invested in, and expanded, its own label of apparel. Every year Smallwood’s uses customer feedback to determine what items will be changed, and what areas of the line will be expanded upon.

With a well-trained and personable sales staff, Smallwood’s is able to utilize its multiple offices, experience, and in house brand to make sure that yachts everywhere can get the items they need, when they need them.
Paradiso BarcelonaParadiso Barcelona Floral Design was founded by Marie Lynch. With over 24 years experience in the industry and a passion for nature´s beauty, exquisite flowers and design elements.

Marie started her training in Perth, Australia, to then moved to London, where for 8 years she had the privilege of working with London´s top floral designers, event and wedding planners. Working for high profile and VIP clients on decadent events and weddings in the UK and the South of France, Italy, Russia, US and Mauritius.
Now based in the inspiring city of Barcelona, Marie and her team have quickly established themselves with creating unique and beautiful arrangements, using wonderful locally sourced flowers and plants, along with imported flowers from around the world.

After 9 years servicing the yachting industry in Barcelona, in ever growing Port Vell, we are accustomed to and understand the importance every detail to be of the highest quality. Having built a reputation on providing sophisticated, luxury flower arrangements, always bespoke to the boats interiors and design. With emphasis on providing a rapid, reliable and discreet service.

At Paradiso Barcelona we take great pleasure in designing events and weddings from the spectacular to the most intimate. With a full range clients from the fashion, media, business and hospitality industries, with varying ranges of tastes and budgets. As well as memorable private occasions such a birthdays, anniversaries and parties.
We also service a number of offices, restaurants and private homes in the city. With our seasonal arrangements, we create atmosphere and enhance environments for people to enjoy and to leave a memorable impression.

ACREWACREW bring crew learning to the MYBA Show this year, organising a crew workshop for the very first time at the show. The workshop looking at medical emergencies onboard will be delivered by emergency medical experts MedAire.

EsthecEsthec® was introduced in 2007 as a revolutionary decking material for the yacht building industry. While the mindset of the nautical industry was mainly focused on using natural materials such as teak in those days, Esthec® added a new dynamic by allowing architects and designers more freedom, both in terms of colour and design. Something that can be called absolutely ground-breaking. By also releasing shipyards from unpredictable price increases. By freeing users from the need for excessive, but necessary and time-consuming maintenance. And time has become an ever more precious commodity for everyone. At the same time, teak could be left unspoilt and continue to serve its original purpose. A forest abundant with teak trees is nothing less than one of Mother Nature`s iron lungs.

Esthec® Nautical Decking is a composite material which not only looks good, but it has greatly improved functional properties too. It is able to withstand the most severe weather conditions at sea, for instance, and it is extremely durable. It lasts for decades and requires very little maintenance. Esthec® does not warp like pvc or wood either, is splinter free, non-slip in both dry and wet conditions and feels comfortable to bare feet. Esthec® is available in a variety of colours and easy to install in any desired pattern, allowing complete freedom of design. Lines, circles, patterns, logos or a combination of colours. Esthec® owns all necessary properties to make a revolutionary difference to architects, the yacht building industry and boat owners.