Terms & Condition Broker

All MYBA Members and all Brokers with paid-up access to YACHTFOLIO are invited to register for the 2017 MYBA Charter Show in OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona and will be automatically accepted.

For each Broker who belongs to a company that is not a MYBA Member nor a YACHTFOLIO Subscriber, the following will be required:

  • Proof of employment as a Charter Broker for at least one year. (To be uploaded on the website).
  • Proof that the Company has been trading for at least one year. (To be uploaded on the website).
  • Written confirmation from three Charter Managers (outside the broker’s company) with whom the applying Broker has booked a charter on a yacht of 20m and above within the past year (This is to be done online via the Broker & Referees section in the Broker Registration Form).
  • Official documentation such as Company statutes showing the majority of the business activity is in yacht charter brokerage.

Before registering, brokers should ensure that they are not listing on their website yachts from other Central Agents without their authorisation. Should this be the case and the Show Organisers be notified, even after their registration has been accepted and paid for, such brokers will be refused access to the Show.

All applications and documentation from Brokers/Companies that are not MYBA Members nor YACHTFOLIO Subscribers, should be received by 18:00 March 10 2017.


Any registrations, changes and/or modifications received after March 17 2017 or still unpaid on this date will not appear in the list of attending brokers in the Show Catalogue.

Only brokers from companies that are MYBA Members and/or YACHTFOLIO Subscribers will be able to register at the Reception Desk.

Brokers who are not in the above categories and need to provide references and paperwork for their registration cannot register at the Reception Desk.

The Broker registration fee (for the full duration of the Show) is EURO 175 + 21% VAT.

Once a Broker has been confirmed, the registration fee is non-refundable. Broker registration may be transferred free of charge from one Broker to another within the same company.

If a Company has applied and been refused access to YACHTFOLIO, or if the Company has been removed from YACHTFOLIO, this automatically disqualifies that Company and its employees from attending the MYBA Charter Show (Daily Guest Passes included).


Companies that were accepted to attend a previous Show but who have subsequently been refused access to YACHTFOLIO will not be permitted to attend the Show.

The MYBA Charter Show Panel reserves the right to review all applications.


MYBA Members (Individual and Corporate Representatives) will be able to buy a day pass (Euro 100 + 21% VAT) on arrival at the reception desk. Payment by cash or credit card (VISA or Mastercard) will be accepted.

Guests may be brought into the Show on payment of 200 euros + 21% VAT which is non refundable.

Please note that qualifying guests are only Brokers’ clients or Owner’s family and friends.

Payment of Guest Passes will be accepted either in cash or by credit card (only VISA and MASTERCARD accepted). Guests will be allocated a 1-day Guest badge and must be accompanied by the host Company AT ALL TIMES. Unaccompanied guests will be asked to leave.

Guest Passes are not transferable, i.e.: payment is mandatory for each and every guest, even if the same host Company has more than one guest visiting the Show on the same day.

Brokers should only be representing the company under which they registered and that was accepted by the Show Organisers.

It is not permitted to present more than one company at the Show.

A business card will be required when picking up Show badges.