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BWABWABWA Yachting is a worldwide, and world-class, yachting services provider because we truly understand the modern demands placed on yacht owners, captains and crews. BWA Yachting was founded in 2004 to provide a seamless experience for its clients, no matter where in the world they are cruising. We put the needs of our clients first, always maintaining impeccably high standard services.

BWA Yachting delivers effective, trustworthy and innovative yachting solutions. Our clients can rely on a broad range of services that include:
Fresh provisions & supplies | Exclusive excursions | Banking transactions | Travel & transportation | On-board entertainment | Yacht clearances & formalities | Bunkering | Cruising, customs, & immigration procedures | Helicopter & jet rental | Tourism arrangements | Berth reservations | VIP concierge services | Freight handling | Hotel & restaurant reservations | Technical services & support | Itinerary planning | Courier service.

We can help with a single port call or offer a fully tailored package, it all depends on what the client wants. Our custom ERP system, YourBWA, delivers consolidated financial and operational reporting that simplifies business workflows.

BWA Yachting HQ is in Switzerland and we have more than 140 employees working from our corporate offices in these prime yachting destinations: France, Corsica, Monaco, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, New England, Florida & Bahamas, Caribbean, Antigua, Puerto Rico. Our BWA offices cover more than 370 ports and marinas across the globe - in 2016, we managed 6,200 port calls and served 1000 clients.

In 2017 BWA Yachting will be the exclusive operational partner for the 35th America’s Cup Superyacht Program in Bermuda.

For more information, please visit www.bwayachting.com
mb92MB92Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92) is a company fully dedicated to the yacht industry and provides service-refit, repair and maintenance works to more than 100 super yachts per year with a length from 35 up to 200 meters.

Located in the port of Barcelona, a strategic stop-off point for yachts on their journey between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, the company’s installations cover a surface area of 124,000m2 becoming one of the largest super yacht refit facilities in the world.

With 100 permanent employees, and over 900 subcontractors specialized in every naval field, MB92 is trusted by the world’s most prestigious new build shipyards. With the mission to provide excellent results on every project, MB92 is continually investing in their equipment and people.

From December 2015, MB92 is part of Dogus Group Company D-Marin, one of the largest international chain of marinas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
ORBISOrbis YachtOrbis Yacht is based in the UK and operates from all over the world. We can combine the European, US and Middle East networks to offer you one big umbrella of seamless global connectivity or an exclusive regional network connection based on your requirement. We are connected to 7 independent teleports worldwide and thus keep the capability to offer an optimum traffic in any area of the world.
MYBA MYBA The Worldwide Yachting AssociationMYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association is an internationally renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984, whose Members are involved at all levels within the Superyacht Industry. Members of MYBA are widely represented in all fields of brokerage, charter,technical management and construction of large yachts. The Association guides its Members on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and Individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct.

The Superyacht industry has developed and evolved immeasurably over the past two decades. MYBA, which has adopted an increasingly influential and significant role in this industry, works closely with Government Organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, Licensed Marine Underwriters, Insurance Companies and Lawyers. Both the MYBA Charter Agreement and the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement have been developed over the years and provide an industry standard throughout the world.

Membership is available to eligible companies and individuals with a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry. Member companies are required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and meet the strict requirements as outlined in the Statutes.

By working with a MYBA Company, yacht owners and charterers can benefit from the safeguards that have been established and be assured they are represented by experienced professionals. Owners and Charterers should always check they are working with a MYBA Company to ensure they have adequate protection.
ACREW/ZOOM/ADMAREL/TILMAN DOMOTICSAcrew/Zoom/Admarel/Tilman DomoticsThese 4 companies have joined forces to bring us the best Crew Party ever:

Port Tarraco
Port TarracoDestination Seminar Sponsor

Vilalta Corp
Vilalta CorpCourtesy Desk Sponsor

Smallwood's Yachtwear
Smallwood's Yachtwear

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Barcelona Watersports
Paradiso BarcelonaParadiso Barcelona
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